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Pat Brice: Lunar Measurements Video

The Kid Rock Midget

My passion for the Kid Rock country rap genre has never been disputed. (sarcasm) So in 2009 I went to the HullabaLOU Music Festival, at Churchill Downs, in Louisville, with the KY Gentleman and his Wifey who was 4 months pregnant. The concert went as expected; the American Bad Ass literally rocked our asses off our bodies.

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Pat Brice: Family Feud

This Guy May Have Broken This Table

Concept #3: Funny Or Die Video

Funny Or Die video produced by my friend’s Burgers and Tenderfoot.  Don’t be a tool… check it out.

Funny Or Die – Concept #3: A Small Film About A Really Big Idea

Pat Brice: Morgan Freeman For President

Sean Flannery: Never Been To Paris

Hilarious clip of a good friend, Sean Flannery, doing part of his comedy show.

Check out his site World’s Dumbest Man and listen to him Weekdays from 3pm-4pm on Visitors Locker Room

Flooding With Love For The Kid Trailer