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After college I did the backpack around Europe by myself thing.  Which essentially turned into the get blasted and stumble around Europe by myself thing.  I made a brief stop to my birthplace (near my birthplace) of Munich, Germany to check out the beer halls and chug some Bitburger.

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How Little Can You Pee Your Pants?

The origins of this game are believed to date back to the Samurai.

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Gary! Gary!

The food in Japan is just not what you would expect.  It is nothing like Benihana of Tokyo or your local sushi place, I promise.  The texture is off and the food is treated with different chemicals that affect our round eye stomachs differently.  That and about 15 bottles of sake gave me an extreme case of geri.

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A Trip Of Firsts

For my first bachelor party me and 11 of my buddies went to Hilton Head Island.  We played some golf, hit the strip clubs, drank some beers, told some lies and woke up early for a shark fishing trip…  It ended up being a trip of firsts.

First time I ever caught a shark.
First time I ever held a shark.
First time I screamed like a bitch and threw a shark back in the water.

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