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Death Pool Update – Steve Jobs 1955-2011

Way to kick this thing off right!  Heaven got a little smarter yesterday… and my squad took a 44 point lead.

This is video of me in my living room last night when I heard the news.    VIDEO

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Spice Did It…

After spring break, senior year at DaytonSpice came back to school from New York and brought with him some big ass Italian sub from a deli in NYC.   We went to the bar and he did not stop yapping about this fucking sub.  “It’s the best sub in the city….  I grew up on these subs… My Dad went to this place when he was a kid…  I can’t wait to go home tonight and eat that sandwich….”  As he said this, I looked at Felix’s face and knew that Spice was never seeing one bite of that sandwich.

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Death Pool – 2011-12 Draft Results

This is the 4th year of the Celebrity Death Pool conducted with my friends. The “season” runs until July 4, 2012.

Past champions:
2010-11: Smells
2009-10: F Jimmy
2008-09: Felix Ackman 

1. Subtract the person’s age from 100 when they die.  Ex: 100 – 74 years old = 24 Points
2. They must have a Wikipedia page. (You can’t pick your aunt Tess)
3. They must be human.
4. They can’t be on death row at the time of the draft.
5. At the end of one year the winner receives a $20 nonsense gift from each person in the league.

I’ll keep this updated as some of these people hopefully start to kick the bucket.

Results from this years draft are below:

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Gary! Gary!

The food in Japan is just not what you would expect.  It is nothing like Benihana of Tokyo or your local sushi place, I promise.  The texture is off and the food is treated with different chemicals that affect our round eye stomachs differently.  That and about 15 bottles of sake gave me an extreme case of geri.

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Reasons Hustle Couldn’t Finish Eight Pounds of Carrots

Charlie Hustle twice tried to eat 8 pounds of carrots in one day.  His mother went shopping for groceries for our house and what do single college aged guys like to eat… apparently carrots….  pounds and pounds of carrots?  After not opening the bag for 2 months they were going bad and we had to get rid of them somehow.

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Blob The Bartender – Hotel! Motel!

At UD I bartended at this biker/dive bar just off campus with Felix, Charlie, Desire, Fatoo and Donger.  I was a 21-year-old freshman so pretty much the only student that should have been in there.  Good thing that this fat dipshit hillbilly named Blob ran the place and let any 15-year-old with a library card into the joint.

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A Trip Of Firsts

For my first bachelor party me and 11 of my buddies went to Hilton Head Island.  We played some golf, hit the strip clubs, drank some beers, told some lies and woke up early for a shark fishing trip…  It ended up being a trip of firsts.

First time I ever caught a shark.
First time I ever held a shark.
First time I screamed like a bitch and threw a shark back in the water.

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