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Pat Brice: Charity Drinking Events

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Pat Brice: It’s All In A Name

It’s been just over two years since I’ve made the move from my roots on the near south side of Chicago, a neighborhood called Bridgeport, to the trendy northwest side area called Bucktown. I’ve always loved where I grew up but seeing that I do stand-up a few times a week and all of the showcase rooms and open mics are up north, it only made sense for me to move closer to the action. And while much is made of the great dichotomy between these two city halves, they’re not that different. Not now in 2006. You want to hit a great restaurant? Hit either side. Baseball fan? Either or. Blues music? Both. Irish bars? Shit, you can go east and find an Irish bar. Beautiful parks? Condo for a half-mil.? Starbucks? Head either direction from downtown. There really wasn’t that much I had to get used to when I moved up north. Except the names. You just can’t find a Gerks in Bucktown.

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Pat Brice: A Billion Pennies – Happy Birthday Pat

I Miss You Every Day Buddy…

Pat Brice: Lunar Measurements Video

Powdered Doughnuts

The KY Gentleman is quickly becoming a cartoon character to me.

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After high school The Donger had a short “rebellion period.  A few months before he headed away to UD, his parents tried to crack the whip, lay down the law, get him in check and some other clichés.  As you would expect… this didn’t go over too well.

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Pat Brice: Cory Lidle Crashes Airplane

“Cory Lidle Crashes Airplane” Audio From Visitor’s Locker Room

The Paper

With art, saying too much can ruin the beauty of what you are experiencing.  You must see the art first, then after you’ve taken in a masterpiece, you form your own interpretation of what you’ve just seen.

The attached piece of literature is one of these rare works of genius.  Please read the attached document first and only then move to the comments below for an explanation.  Without further ado, I present:

“Trifles” – English 151 Drama Paper by Brian Murphy

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