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VOTE: Best Story Of 2011

What was your favorite Chipwrecks story of 2011?


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Powdered Doughnuts

The KY Gentleman is quickly becoming a cartoon character to me.

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The Kid Rock Midget

My passion for the Kid Rock country rap genre has never been disputed. (sarcasm) So in 2009 I went to the HullabaLOU Music Festival, at Churchill Downs, in Louisville, with the KY Gentleman and his Wifey who was 4 months pregnant. The concert went as expected; the American Bad Ass literally rocked our asses off our bodies.

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Poop Burger: Poop Story Of The Week

On a cold Monday night at UD after watching football, drinking warm leftover keg beer and eating too many chicken wings, the KY Gentleman was forced to relieve himself on our front porch.  I’m not talking about #1 here… this is called the poop story of the week for a reason.

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Death Pool Update – Muammar Gaddafi 1942-2011

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Wedding Gifts

I went to a friend’s wedding a few years ago on the east coast.  Pretty standard wedding, with nothing epic to report from the reception itself.  However, the phone call I got a few days after the wedding was fairly noteworthy.

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Death Pool – 2011-12 Draft Results

This is the 4th year of the Celebrity Death Pool conducted with my friends. The “season” runs until July 4, 2012.

Past champions:
2010-11: Smells
2009-10: F Jimmy
2008-09: Felix Ackman 

1. Subtract the person’s age from 100 when they die.  Ex: 100 – 74 years old = 24 Points
2. They must have a Wikipedia page. (You can’t pick your aunt Tess)
3. They must be human.
4. They can’t be on death row at the time of the draft.
5. At the end of one year the winner receives a $20 nonsense gift from each person in the league.

I’ll keep this updated as some of these people hopefully start to kick the bucket.

Results from this years draft are below:

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A Trip Of Firsts

For my first bachelor party me and 11 of my buddies went to Hilton Head Island.  We played some golf, hit the strip clubs, drank some beers, told some lies and woke up early for a shark fishing trip…  It ended up being a trip of firsts.

First time I ever caught a shark.
First time I ever held a shark.
First time I screamed like a bitch and threw a shark back in the water.

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