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You Look Like A Terrorist



A few years ago Felix, Charlie, their buddy Sexy, KY and I took our annual guys trip, this year we went to Iceland.  What better way to escape the Chicago winters than by heading to ICELand in February, the unofficial home of hot chicks, 36 ounce beers, geysers, the Blue Lagoon and elves.  (Seriously the Icelandic people think there are elves living in their yards.)

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Poop Dollar: Poop Story of the Week

Like a typical college student, while I was at UD I never had any cash. So what did we do when we did have cash? We rubbed shit all over it.

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Braco The Gazer

I had my knee operated on last week from a hoops injury earlier in the summer.  Instead of going the route of “traditional healing” I felt the need for something more.  Thankfully I was listening to the Howard Stern Show a few weeks ago and Howard’s sidekick, Robin, went to visit Braco The Gazer.  Braco is a pseudopsychic who heals people by gazing at them….  Who am I kidding?  This whack job fucking stares at a room full of lunatics for 5 minutes and people pay $8 to to go see this shit.  I could not think of a better way to spend my Saturday afternoon!

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What’s The Score Of The Braves Game?

I wanted to start 2012 off BIG and no one I know is bigger than the KY Gentleman… if you know what I mean.  He’s pretty sly for a white guy but you don’t get the nickname KY just because you’re from Kentucky.  You get the nickname KY when KY is required.  (In some circles he is also known as the Coke can.)

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Radiohead Puts Me To Sleep

I have since changed my tune on Radiohead but in 2008 I wasn’t a believer in their hype.  I thought they were playing crap music and trying to pass it off as art.  Smells insisted I was insane and told me I had to check them out at Lollapalooza.  Fine, what’s the worst that can happen?.

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John Jefferson Wayne

Spring break junior year of college we decided to go to my parents lake house in Texas.  A pretty ridiculous crew of ten guys, including me, Hustle, Felix, Desire, KY and The Donger hopped in our cars and drove from Dayton to Lake Conroe, outside Houston.


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VOTE: Best Story Of 2011

What was your favorite Chipwrecks story of 2011?


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