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After high school The Donger had a short “rebellion period.  A few months before he headed away to UD, his parents tried to crack the whip, lay down the law, get him in check and some other clichés.  As you would expect… this didn’t go over too well.

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Poop Burger: Poop Story Of The Week

On a cold Monday night at UD after watching football, drinking warm leftover keg beer and eating too many chicken wings, the KY Gentleman was forced to relieve himself on our front porch.  I’m not talking about #1 here… this is called the poop story of the week for a reason.

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Boar’s Head

Our senior year at UD, The Donger brought to school a stuffed boar’s head trophy from his fathers basement.  He gave us a speech about how important this thing was to his dad, that he had stolen it and that we couldn’t fuck it up or his dad would be furious.  So…we hung it in the most high traffic room of the house.

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You Can Play A Guitar But You Can’t Tuna Fish

I went to visit Felix a few years ago in Japan.  He shockingly speaks fluent Japanese so he could translate.  One day we were lying around watching TV and the greatest, show ever came on

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Job Posting

Incidentally, Smells is looking to hire a new intern.  Please reach out to him directly or forward to anyone you think may be qualified.

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Sean Flannery: Never Been To Paris

Hilarious clip of a good friend, Sean Flannery, doing part of his comedy show.

Check out his site World’s Dumbest Man and listen to him Weekdays from 3pm-4pm on Visitors Locker Room

Rub Me The Wrong Way: Poop Story Of The Week

I ran this adventure race called the Wild Scallion where you do all kinds of crazy shit around town with a team of 4 people.  Pretty fun, I signed up to do it with Bobby Ford and a couple other friends.  The gist of  the race is you run about 15 miles, Rollerblade, run some stairs, kayak, swim and bike all over town…  It sounds like a pain in the ass but it was actually pretty awesome, however; it also did become a literal pain in my ass.

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The Ride

Not sure why “Alex” isn’t an international superstar?